too late

So yesterday my two friends and I were having a few beers. We ran out of beer at 9:40pm and shops stop selling alcohol at 10:00pm. We stepped out at about 9:45pm and ran to the closest shop which we reached in a few minutes. We picked up 6 beers and took a place in the shortest line. We had 2 people in front of us and the one who was being served had a shit-ton of stuff. We were counting minutes till it was too late. When the first guy was checked through it was 9:59 and the cashier said to let the people with alcohol through. When we got there, the cashier checked one beer and when she was about to multiply it by six, the clock turned 10:00pm and the system shut down all alcohol sales. We were 1 second too late. Kinda disappointing, but at least it was fun to see everyone encouraging us and hoping we would make it. The guy who was in front of us offered a us a beer as consolation to being too late. Maaan, we could have made it if the dude had bought ONE item less. Lol oh well, no alcohol for us that evening.

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